It is now easy to control the service delivery

The Optiqo system is a web-based administration tool for time and quality control of cleaning and FM services. The system is characterized by being simple and reliable. It improves communication between the client and the executor and increases the delivery’s quality. Optiqo System provides an easy way of controlling how the bought service is implemented according to the agreement – regarding both time and quality. Optiqo System becomes the core for long-term collaboration between the property owner and entrepreneur.   If you do not have expertise or resources to stay ahead of quality of service delivery, it is profitable to invest in Optiqo System. It is easy to use for all employees and creates a basis for quality assurance.

Why limit your inspection software to the limitations of your inspection software?


Quality secure cleaning and FM deliveries with Optiqo® System


Optiqo System is easy for all employees to use and create a basis for quality assurance.


Optiqo System increases productivity through time and attendance control and ensures that all deviations are corrected.


The system provides full control of service operations and delivers report data for monitoring.

Quality control and deviation management

Optiqo provides one of the most complete systems on the market for monitoring and quality control of cleaning and FM deliveries. Optiqo System is completely web-based and has launched support for self-monitoring, cleaning and FM control, presence management, work order management and deviation and response handling, which means, it is possible to monitor service delivery in real time via the App and Web with a simple user interface. The system has full language support and is also used within self-monitoring: SS 627801:2012 INSTA 800 as DS 2451-10 Danish Hygiene Standard includes ATP reporting, technical management, pest reporting and security patrolling. Optiqo System also has support from NFC tags, which secure and also simplify the service staffs’ work on the field.


Quality control

  • Create scheduled control in Optiqo Web or manual control directly in Optiqo APP
  • Sign and send the control to client/purchaser via e-mail
  • Quality control is provided in real time on Optiqo Web


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Work order management

  • Create and manage work orders directly on Optiqo Web or Optiqo APP
  • Client/purchaser can follow the status of the work order in Optiqo Web or via e-mail or sms
  • Sort work orders after priority or order status, or by reading the NFC tag where the work will be performed


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Deviation management

  • Assign any deviations/create task orders in Optiqo APP and visualize the deviation with a photo
  • Follow the status and possible deviation via Optiqo Web


janitorial quality control


Error reporting

  • Let your clients send orders or error reports directly via intra net or through your uniquely branded client App (iphone, android, windows phone). The client receives feedback in real time when the case is handled, started and ended.
  • Report external deviations directly to entrepreneur / client via mobile; with text, photo and error message code
  • Client/purchaser receives the deviation via e-mail or sms, with information regarding building, floor plan and room/premises


cleaning facilities management


Time reporting

  • The staff can report their working hours through Optiqo touchscreen client or via Optiqo APP.
  • Time entries are summed up automatically in the system and can also be sorted into different schedules and tariffs
  • Optiqo System also supports export to payroll systems, such as Visma and Agda or via API.





  • Graph reporting and exporting to Excel and also pdf.
  • Reports can be saved as templates and updated every week or month in real time, depending on how they should be delivered.




Why Choose Optiqo© System?

      • Increases productivity through time and attendance control
      • Ensures that all deviations are corrected
      • Provides full control of service operations and delivers report data for monitoring
      • Is easy for all employees to use and create a basis for quality assurance

Optiqo© System becomes the core for long-term collaboration between the property owners and cleaning companies


What Client’s Say

– We needed a system to control both time and quality. With Optiqo we can focus on providing our customer with a better service
Eddy Fernandez - Owner, EFMAB
– We decided to use Optiqo because the efficiency of the Optiqo APP and the effective Service inspections in our daily work.
Musa Yilmaz, ISS Facility services - Turkey