Innovative Field and Facility Service Management Platform

Quality Management, Optimization and Visualization

KPI Dashboard

Quality Inspections

Customer Feedback

Work Order Management


Artificial Intelligence


Internet Of Things

Proof Of Presence

Quality management

- Full control of the Facility Management process
 - Proof of Presence (Validation)  
 - Deviation management through work orders
 - Task lists 
 - Measure and follow-up via actionable KPI’s 


- Visualize your Facility Management efforts for your visitors and employees as well as creating a certain level of confidence and security 
 - Enable feedback from visitors and employees through QR coded technologies
 - Be proactive by receiving and managing work orders based on feedback from the public


- Optimize the service delivery based on the number of visitors. 
 - Enables sustainability, cost reduction and ensures quality.

Increase visitor satisfaction through the use of the Optiqo System

Optiqo offers digital system solutions to optimize the service and maintenance of your properties. The system enables quality control, validation of the service performed and visualizes the completed actions to your visitors. Thanks to AI and IoT, real time statistics on visitor traffic and when any form of service is performed can be easily accessible. By converting such collected data into actionable statistics and insights, you can plan your service frequencies based on the actual need, and in turn, increasing cost efficiency as well as visitor satisfaction. 

How does the Optiqo system work?

We combine IoT hardware and NFC mobile software based on our customers' requirements and specific needs. Optiqo’s digital system solutions are comprised of three components:

 QlvrBox – The Qlvrbox hygiene monitor tallies all visitor traffic and simultaneously identifies when service efforts have been performed. It also has a QR code that visitors can use to provide immediate feedback on the work performed or anomalies that may arise between servicing.

NFC tags – When your custodial staff performs service tasks, they scan a NFC tag at the site of service to validate their presence. This allows them to  receive the specific tasks to be performed via our NFC based application. Upon completion, you will be able to receive a digital confirmation.

Application and management system – Our cloud-based management system collects all relevant information from your property pertaining to cleaning and inspections. The information is visualized in a customized dashboard and in turn, based on the statistics from the various units, you can optimize the service deliveries. 

Interested in testing Optiqo’s technology?

If Optiqo’s solutions are of interest to your organization, we encourage you to try our applications for a free 30 day trial. 
 Please feel free to contact us and share your specific requirements with us and together we will find the best solution for your organization. 

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