Optiqo Qlvr Box

Advanced functionality

  • Traffic and Threshold Monitoring

  • IoT connected - integrated SIM connectivity

  • Actionable KPI Dashboard with alarms

  • Battery driven - Reduce your energy consumption

Site Hygiene Monitoring Has Never Been Smarter!

Optiqo' s advanced Olvr Box enables companies to proactively manage and validate cleaning and maintenance frequencies to ensure 100% compliance and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction.

Effectively manage your cleaning resources. lncrease customer satisfaction. Minimize unnecessary costs. What a Qlvr way to do business!

View live dashboard!

The Qlvr Box will tell your staff when it is time to clean – Based on real time traffic data – out of the box!

Why choose Optiqo?

Here's What Our Customers Says

  • Sylvie St-Cyr - Director of Hygiene and Cleaning Services
    Since implementing the Optiqo solution, bathrooms are much cleaner and our workers seem to be take greater pride in their work. Moreover, from the public’s perspective, the Optiqo Hygiene Monitors advises when the bathroom was last attended to and provides a sense of transparency as well as letting the public know that we take cleanliness seriously. Complaints have diminished considerably since we implemented Optiqo’s monitors and letting the public communicate their concerns to the hospital via the QR code feedback form, allows the hospital to be more proactive in how we respond to issues related to cleanliness, maintenance or replenishment. Optiqo’s solutions have become an invaluable tool for our bathroom cleanliness and the positive results we have achieved since we installed the devices speak for themselves.
  • Josué Jean-Louis - Director of Environmental Services - Anna Laberge Hospital
    GSF Canada recently acquired the Optiqo Solution and have implemented the technology within the Anna Laberge Hospital . Since then, we have been able to demonstrate as well as validate the day to day operations of our health and safety division to our customers by using accurate and real time data provided by the Optiqo solution. Additionally, the same applications have allowed us to validate the daily activity data of our internal staff and to use such information to provide better and more efficient training. As such, the investment in the Optiqo solution will enable both GSF staff and management to work more efficiently and in parallel.
  • Steven Da Silva - General Manager – Environmental Services
    Sodexo uses several aspects of the Optiqo solution at both William Osler Hospitals in Brampton and Peel. The Optiqo solutions that we currently use touch on the Optiqo Bathroom Hygiene Monitors as well as the Optiqo Insta Inspection Application. The Bathroom monitors have allowed Sodexo to provide our customer (William Osler Health System) with accurate data as to when the restrooms were last serviced. More importantly, they enable the public the ability to communicate directly with the Environmental Services team, via the QR code feedback option, as to any cleaning or replenishment issues that may arise at any time. Moreover, with the Optiqo Insta Application, Sodexo has been using the solution for our linen and waste requirements throughout the hospital. Since implementing the solution and gathering the data from a daily route perspective, we have become much more efficient in our day to day operations and effectively providing excellent service to our end customer.
    Steven Da Silva - General Manager – Environmental Services
    Sodexo Canada – Brampton Civic Hospital (William Osler)

Optiqo INSTA and CHECK

It is now easy to control the service delivery

Optiqo provides one of the most complete systems on the market for monitoring and quality control of cleaning and FM deliveries. Optiqo System is completely web-based and has launched support for self-monitoring, cleaning and FM control, presence management, work order management and deviation and response handling, which means, it is possible to monitor service delivery in real time via the Optiqo INSTA & Optiqo CHECK app with a simple user interface. The system has full language support and is also used within self-monitoring: SS 627801:2012 INSTA 800 as DS 2451-10 Danish Hygiene Standard includes ATP reporting, technical management, pest reporting and security patrolling. Optiqo System also has support from NFC tags and GPS, which secure and also simplify the service staffs’ work on the field.
  • NFC - iGPS - QR compatible

  • iOS & Android compatible

  • KPI online dashboard with automatic reports

  • Full offline support

Optiqo in office


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