Our solutions ensure that the hospital’s routines are followed

The functioning of service routines in hospitals is of the utmost importance for reducing the risk of spreading hospital-borne viruses and diseases, among other things. With the Optiqo system solutions, you can digitize your work and easily get an overview of what tasks need to be performed.  
Our system gives you statistics on which areas are used when and by how many. By using this information to plan service routines, for example cleaning, you can use your resources in a more optimal way. 
Optiqo Qlvr Box provides a digital representation of the most recently performed services for your visitors and provides a sense of confidence that your sites are well maintained.  


Easy to identify what needs to be done

Our system is complemented by NFC tags that can be allocated to any or all rooms. When your staff or service contractors scan the appropriate tag with Optiqo's mobile application, they immediately gain access to a list of tasks identifying what needs to be done in that specific room. You, as a client, can confirm when work is performed or of any deviations that may occur, providing you with full control of the work for the entire hospital through our management system. 

Making efficient use of your resources   

Unnecessary work such as cleaning unused surfaces is not ideal for the environment or for your bottom line. Our experience shows that hospitals can maintain the same cleaning frequency yet increase quality by 50% due to our service solutions enabling you to plan your work effectively so that you clean in the right place, at the right time. 
Through the use of QR code technology within our QlvrBox Hygiene Monitor, visitors can provide real-time feedback pertaining to any anomaly that may occur be it issues tied to maintenance, cleaning and even inventory replenishment. This allows you to correct any problems proactively without delays resulting from scheduled cleaning which ultimately results in more satisfied visitors. .