Our Products

Our Service Management Platform consists of different components and products which enable individual solutions tailored to each client.

Optiqo offers digital system solutions to optimize service performance while also reducing the cost of delivering Facilities Services.

Thanks to AI and IoT, with real-time visitor traffic, and attendance monitoring statistics generated, we can help you refine your service by automatically directing operatives to clean what is being used and respond to targeted service requests.

Optiqo interprets data to give you complete visibility of your service delivery and the activity in all your buildings on a dashboard designed for you, using the data gathered from the products below.


Optiqo's QlvrBox uses real-time visitor traffic data to alert maintenance technicians when facility areas require service or cleaning, enabling companies to proactively manage and validate cleaning and maintenance events to ensure 100% compliance and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction. The QlvrBox digital window displays the most recent servicing or cleaning. Reassuring visitors of the facility's hygiene awareness. The QlvrBox can be combined with a QR code and customized backboard and hygiene message, providing building visitors the ability to submit immediate feedback.

We also offer an eco-friendly version with solar cells optimized to harvest indoor lighting.


Real-time visitor tracking in a more compact version that enables data collection where communication about last service performed is not needed. QlvrActivity is easier to mount in small spaces and is an addition to use when all of our QlvrBox features is not needed. Sole purpose of QlvrActivity is to keep track of how facilities are being used to be able to plan service-efforts according to that data in a more optimized way and can be used together with NFC tags to report cleaning activities.

NFC tags

NFC tags spread out in the buildings confirms attendance and completion of tasks at any location. Electronic notifications through the mobile applications direct facilities staff to specific NFC tags 


Live customized cloud-based management portal displaying all relevant Building activity, KPI performance, satisfaction levels and inspection data. You can see all your sites and the service being delivered whenever you like from anywhere in the world.  

Optiqo Insta and Check

Perform and validate the daily service tasks required through the use of Optiqo’s NFC based solution. Alerts daytime staff to attend areas such as loos, meeting rooms, kitchenettes or bins based on agreed levels. Automatically directs out of hours cleaning and service teams based on how busy areas have been throughout the day.

Cleantracker AI

Cleantracker AI is bringing a measuring method to the Facility Management area that hasn´t been seen before. Cleantracker AI is combining Artificial Intelligence and advanced image recognition to enable classification and evaluation of surface contamination. By using the application with the predefined test kit, it is possible to detect, quantify and store contamination percentage. This enables a new form of evaluation of cleaning methods and results in an objective and reliable way. The application works with machine learning which results in it becomes more reliable and efficient for each scan made with it.

Thingsee Integration

The Optiqo Service Management platform can also be integrated with Thingsee applications for even greater possibilities to collect data in regards to Facility Management. With these applications collecting data for our system our clients can get even more insights regarding the aspects listed below.

Occupancy data

▪ Desk occupancy

▪ Meeting rooms occupancy

▪ Usage ratios & levels

Environmental data – indoor air quality

▪ Productivity, workplace satisfaction, health

▪ CO2

▪ TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds)

▪ Temperature

▪ Humidity

▪ Barometric pressure

▪ Ambient light sensoring

▪ Equipment vibration

Fill rate data, f.ex.

▪ Handtowel/paper dispensers

▪ Toilet paper dispensers

▪ Soap/other liquid dispensers

▪ Trash bins

Water leakage

▪ Valve position measurements

▪ Angle measurement

The system gives you complete visibility of your contract in real time, enabling quality control, validation of the service performed and visualizes the completed actions to your stakeholders and visitors. This is all done automatically and requires no additional administration. 
Optiqo also convert the collected data into actionable statistics and insights, so that you can plan your service frequencies based on the actual need, and in turn, increasing cost efficiency as well as visitor satisfaction.
The Optiqo system is easy to install, it only takes a few moments for each device.