Cleantracker AI

About the Application

Cleantracker AI is primarily utilized to objectively measure dirt on surfaces that have been previously cleaned. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to compare a pre-referenced image alongside a current sample image, the results are then analyzed and any presence of dirt is presented in percentages. The final results can then be exported to a .csv file and utilized for further data processing.

Application Utilization

In order to measure the percentage of dirt objectively, you will require a test kit that is calibrated to be used with the app. The test kit consists of white high-density cleanroom microfiber cloths, 1 bottle of ultra-pure water and a white cloth holder. You can order the test kit directly within the app and have it shipped to you directly. The test kit comes in 10, 50 or 100pcs test cloths depending on your requirements.

Main purposes of Cleantracker AI

Within the commercial cleaning industry, there are very few reliable and easy-to-use tools for identifying objective measurements of surface dirt. The purpose of the app is to be able to determine, through a standardized and consistent method, whether a cleaning procedure has been sufficiently carried and approved. It may be providing a determination that the cleaning method applied is not efficient enough to clean the surface and as such, a mechanical method may be required to remove the surface dirt.

Guaranteed results

Together with advanced image recognition, the app uses a complex repository of over one million images of surface dirt. The reference image is then compared in real time to the test image to calculate how much of the surface is dirty. Several years of current method calibration, together with over 500,000 completed tests have provided the basis as to how the app should calculate