Increase sales through the Optiqo QlvrBox

Having clean surfaces within any retail environment have shown to generate more satisfied customers. With Optiqo’s QlvrBox, you can optimize and visually validate the efforts made via your cleaning and property services. You can optimize your work as needed and in parallel show your visitors that you take tasks such as cleaning and hygiene seriously. By digitizing follow-up of Facility Management, it provides the basis for cost-effectiveness and quality management. 

Optiqo’s QlvrBox delivers relevant insights

By installing the QlvrBox you will get an overview of how visitors and staff move throughout the premises. This is complemented by the use of NFC tags that service contractors or internal staff can scan to obtain specific tasks to be completed by using Optiqo’s mobile app. After the work has been completed, a detailed overview of what has been done is provided and any deviations can be identified. Such information can be readily accessed through a customized KPIs dashboard that is accessible via any web enabled device.

Tailoring an optimal solution for you 

Optiqo has the expertise to develop a turnkey solution that can meet your requirements in digitizing your custodial and maintenance operations. By identifying an ideal solution for your organization, through the use of our AI and IoT technologies, you can acquire the necessary tools in order to ensure your day to day operations are functioning optimally. 

 Unlike most software companies, Optiqo’s solutions platform require minimal set up costs in order to fully implement since both our hardware and software solutions are delivered as subscription based services (SaaS).  

 We encourage you contact in order that we may identify the best tailored solution for your business.