Increase sales through our QlvrBox

Clean surfaces in retail premises give more satisfied customers. With our QlvrBox you can optimize and visualize the efforts you make in cleaning and property services. You can optimize your work as needed and at the same time show your visitors that you take tasks such as cleaning and hygiene seriously. 
By digitizing follow-up of Facility Management, it provides the basis for cost-effectiveness and quality management. 

Our Qlvr Box delivers relevant insights

By installing our QlvrBox you will get an overview of how visitors and staff move around the premises. This is complemented by NFC tags that service staff scan to obtain information about what is to be done by using our app. After the work has been done, the staff report what has been done and any deviations. You can follow all the information and your KPIs in a customized dashboard. 

We tailor an optimal solution for you 

We develop the system solution that meets your wishes for digitizing your service and maintenance. By finding the right solution for you, using our system of AI and IoT, you get the tools to make sure your service functions optimally. 
No significant initial costs are required as both our hardware and software are delivered as subscription services.  
Feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for your specific business.