How does Optiqo Display work?

Optiqo Display registers and shows the latest presence of the display user.
By pressing the Q-button on the Optiqo symbol and thereafter register/tag a Optiqo card or RFID card against the symbol the clock changes on the screen to current time.

What do we need to start using the Optiqo system?

The only thing that you need is a smartphone or a tablet.

How do we download the apps?

The apps is downloaded for free through Google Play or App Store depending on what you use.

Our display has broken. What do we do?

Contact and state:

  • The serial number on the inside of the cover. 
  • If the memory card remains or is missing.
  • The number on the memory card (If it remains)
How do I change the batteries in the display?

Open the lid with the supplied key, locate the batteries and change them. Battery type 3x AA (LR6).

Our display shows the wrong time when we stamp the card. What do we do?
  • Open the lid with the supplied key
  • Tag the white card (admin) and press the "SET"-button. 
  • "Year" at the screen starts to blink.
  • Use the ”UP”/”DOWN”-button to increase or decrease the numbers that are blinking. 
  • Press ”SET”-button to change month, day, hour or minute.
  • When you're done press ”SET” until it says ”Pairing” on the screen.
  • Press ”SET” once again so that the numbers stop blinking and ”Pairing” isn't displayed.
  • The time is automatically synchronized to Optiqos server.  

The dashboard doesn't show correct information. What is wrong?

Contact and describe what you are missing and we will help you.