Show your visitors how you work with hygiene

There are strong links between turnover and clean toilets in restaurants and cafés. Surveys show that 60 percent of visitors do not come back if the toilets are not to their satisfaction.
Our QlvrBox can provide your business with an accurate overview of how visitors and staff migrate throughout the premises. Additionally, you can opt to make use of NFC tags that, once applied, will gather real time information through Optiqo’s NFC mobile applications including, when service cleaning tasks have been completed. All real time accumulated information can be visualized via a customized web-based dashboard which becomes the catalyst for your cleaning optimization strategy. Additionally, work orders can be issued to relevant staff through Optiqo’s applications which insures immediate action can be applied on any anomaly as they arise.   

Let your customers know that hygiene is a top priority

Even prior to the Covid pandemic, it was long assumed that unkempt toilets in restaurants and cafés had a direct correlation with regards to lost revenues. 

 With Optiqo, you can optimize you daily service and maintenance requirements through the use of NFC digital systems solutions including AI and IoT based technologies.  Through Optiqo’s suite of solutions, businesses can receive KPI data on their customers on-premise visitation patterns over time  and plan localized cleaning frequencies  accordingly. 
 With our solutions, quality is vastly improved, operational costs are reduced and customer satisfaction increases exponentially. 

 For more information regarding this or any other requirement, please feel free to contact us so as we can help identify how Optiqo can be applied to your business. 

We tailor an optimal solution for you 

We create the optimal solution for those of you who wish to fullfil your goals as to how you want to digitize and ensure the quality of your Facility Management. By using AI and IoT, you get a basis for optimizing your service work.
No significant initial costs are required as both our hardware and software are delivered as subscription services.  
Feel free to contact us and we'll find the best solution for your business.