Travelers expect a clean and tidy airport

With Optiqos system, you can determine that the airport is clean and that visitors feel safe and satisfied. Airport occupancy varies and some gates are used more frequently than others. This means that some surfaces are cleaned too often, others too rarely and there is a risk that they will be cleaned at times when it is not optimal. Optiqos QlvrBox provides information and the opportunity to visualize performed work for your visitors. Information collected through Optiqo’s Qlvrbox and associated systems can be accessed through your customized dashboard. Our service solutions can be used in many areas of facility management. Please contact us and we will tell you more about how we can digitize your service work. 

Perform service according to utilisation rather than assumptions

Our service solutions give you easy control over which areas that are most visited and can optimize, for example, the cleaning frequency accordingly. If you use subcontractors, you can also see that they perform the work they promise. 

Save money and improve traveler satisfaction 

For travelers' safety, our QlvrBox shows you when service was last performed. It is also possible to provide feedback via a QR code if something is broken, for example, or if toilet paper needs refilling. 
 Since airports began measuring the amount of travelers on certain areas, they have seen a big difference. Afterwards they have both cleaner premises, saved money and increased traveler satisfaction.