Travelers will expect a clean and well maintained airport

With the Optiqo system, you can easily and immediately validate that the airport has been cleaned based on the contractual frequencies and publicly share such information so as your airport passengers can feel safe and assured that your environment is well maintained. Moreover, Airport passenger traffic can vary throughout the day whereby some gates are used more frequently than others. This in turn can identify whether some surfaces within these areas are cleaned too often or not often enough.  Moreover, it creates a risk that they will be cleaned unnecessarily outside of peak travel periods.

 With this being said, Optiqo’s QlvrBox provides relevant cleaning and visitor traffic information and an opportunity for your visitors to visualize performed work by date and time. All the information collected through Optiqo’s Qlvrbox and associated applications can be accessed through your customized KPI dashboard. 

 Optiqo’s service solutions can be used in many areas of facility management. Simply contact us so as we can explain in greater detail about how we can digitize your contract service work with ease

Perform service activities according to usage statistics rather than assumptions

Our service solutions provide easy to use and real time controls over which areas that are visited at higher frequencies. Such information can optimize and adjust the cleaning frequencies accordingly. Additionally, by applying the same logic to your subcontractors, you can validate that they are performing their duties as per their contractual obligations

Save time, money and improve traveler satisfaction 

For travelers' safety and convenience, Optiqo’s QlvrBox visually advises the public as to when the previous service was last performed. Additionally, any site visitor can provide relevant feedback via a QR code scan through any mobile device pertaining to cleaning, maintenance, inventory or any other anomalies.

Through the monitoring of the number of visitors at a specific location throughout the airport, a vast improvement has occurred in areas such as cleaner premises, money and inventory saved as well as increased customer satisfaction.