Sustainability is important for Optiqo, a few aspects of Optiqo's sustainability work are explained below

Reduce product footprint

We aim to develop, produce and sell products with a long life-span, that is resource efficient and with a minimal negative environmental impact and carbon footprint. Internally we aim to use as much refurbished equipment as possible which aligns with our aim to re-use product components in our development process.

Sustainable cleaning services

By effectively using Optiqo’s products and the data we share, our ambition is to enable leading sustainability performance for service providers of cleaning service. Our Service Management Platform enable cleaning on demand which one advantage with is that it reduces material usage and energy consumption for our customers when service efforts are performed only when needed. 

Safe and healthy environment for facility users and staff

This is in the very fabric of Optiqo’s products and our value proposition to customers and end users. We will increase our focus by measuring our real impact and collaborate with our customers and partners to enhance our ability to strengthen health and safety of people, by continuously improving the facility services.

United Nations sustainable development goals that aligns with our sustainability efforts