We digitize service and maintenance in public areas

Public environments, such as universities, amusement parks and commercial properties, require consistent cleaning and maintenance servicing in various forms. With Optiqo’s QlvrBox all pertinent information regarding completed tasks, visitor statistics and so forth, are collected with some information such a last service date and time, are  digitally presented to your site visitors. This information is collected and transposed onto a customized KPI dashboard which, in turn,  provides your organization with the basis for optimizing the work frequencies and validating that the work has carried out in accordance with the respective service contract.

 Optiqo’s digital solutions can also be used in other operational areas within your company such as site safety including systematic fire protection work and safety rounds. 


Optimize your work frequencies according to your daily traffic flow

Optiqo’s QlvrBox, through the use of our embeded PIR traffic sensor, ensures that you receive  accurate statistics pertaining to the number of visitors throughout the day. With the assistance of accurate traffic flow data, you can analyze and even optimize service events in order to generate cost-effective strategies as well as positively impacting the environment through the minimization of cleaning chemicals and waste. 

Additionally, through QR codes, Optiqo Qlvr Box can provide a platform whereby visitors can provide feedback through the use of their own personal mobile device.  Scenarios where cleaning requires attention between frequencies, a malfunction or a need to replenish inventory can be immediately rectified and in turn, increase customer satisfaction.

Digitizing your servicing tasks with Optiqo’s System Solutions 

Optiqo can develop an optimal mix of software and hardware that meets your requirements for how you wish to digitize your Facility Management deliverables. With the help of Optiqo’s AI and IoT technologies, you can have access to robust and actionable KPI information to optimize your service commitments. 

By simply looking at commercial office space as an example, not all rooms are used on regular basis. Optiqo’s system provides you with insight into identifying the actual need for cleaning services. Such insights provide for a higher quality of work and an increased sense of security for visitors who receive the information in a visual format.

 We encourage you contact Optiqo in order that we may identify the best tailored solution for your business.