Do you operate a cleaning or service-based company and wish to offer something unique to your customers?

By using Optiqo’s digital system solution, you as  service provider can confirm that you are abiding by your contractual obligations with factual and up to date data. Through the use of Optiqo’s NFC based solutions, you are suddenly offering a solution that most of your competitors are not fully aware of. It is with these value propositions that your current and potential clients will suddenly look beyond price and base their decision on your ability to validate with factual and actionable data.  

Optiqo for internal control verification

As a business, especially one that is extremely competitive, it is difficult to have complete control over the service deliveries for your customer according to the terms of your agreement. As such, have your employees benefit from Optiqo’s NFC technology whereby, they can scan a NFC tag that is attributed to a specific room or area. Th end result will be your immediate ability to track and validate employee activity throughout the day, regardless of location. 

Optimization and quality assurance through Optiqo 

By utilizing Optiqo’s QlvrBox for your daily cleaning validation, businesses like yours can inform visitors when the last cleaning cycles were actually performed and also provide them an opportunity opportunity to submit critical feedback. Additionally, through the use of traffic sensors integrated within each unit, the QlvrBox provides your business with relevant visitor statistics which can aid in service optimization and modifications over time. 

Using our NFC based applications, you can show your client when the last work frequencies occurred, confirming that you are delivering in accordance with the terms set forth within your service agreement.