Do you operate a cleaning or service company and want something unique to offer your customers?

By using our digital system solution, you as a utility or service provider can show that you are keeping your promises. In this way, you get another parameter to compete with in procurements. This is an aspect that in many cases weighs more heavily than price. 

Also works for internal control

As a business leader, it is difficult to have control over the delivery to the customer according to agreement. Let them scan an NFC tag as they clean up and you can easily track what tasks are performed during the day. 

Optimization and quality assurance 

By working with QlvrBox on your tasks, you can show visitors when cleaning is performed and also give them the opportunity to provide feedback. Our box also gives you visitor statistics to optimize the service accordingly. 
Using our app, you can show your customer when the work has been performed, confirming that you are delivering in accordance with the agreement.