We digitize service and maintenance in public areas

Public areas such as universities, amusement parks and properties require a lot of service and maintenance in various forms. Optiqo’s QlvrBox collects information about the work done and the number of visitors, while visualizing the information to your visitors. This information is collected in a customized dashboard that provides you with the basis for optimizing the work and for determining that the work is carried out in accordance to the contract.
 Our digital solutions can also be used in safety work, for example in systematic fire protection work and safety rounds.   

Optimise your work according to your frequency of visits

Our QlvrBox ensures that you receive statistics on the flow of visitors throughout the day. Analyzing and optimizing service efforts according to what the flow of visitors looks like is cost-effective, positive for the environment and provides higher quality. 
Visitors can provide feedback if, for example, cleaning is unsatisfactory or something is not working so that you can quickly correct the problem and increase customer satisfaction. 

Our system solutions digitize the service work 

We develop the optimal mix of software and hardware that meets your wishes for how you want to digitize your Facility Management delivery. With the help of AI and IoT, you get relevant information to optimize your service. For example, if we look at office premises, not all rooms are used regularly. Our system gives you insight into the actual need for cleaning. This provides both a higher quality of work and increased security for visitors who receive the information visualized.
Feel free to contact us and we will then tailor a system solution to suit your specific business.